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Mindframe Psychiatry is an outpatient psychiatric practice in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health. We strive to make mental healthcare more accessible and personalized for each individual through in-person and virtual appointments.

Recovery isn’t magic, it takes time. See how we can help you today.

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Our Approach

Once you schedule your appointment, we begin with an initial one-hour examination to understand your needs and goals for receiving treatment at Mindframe Psychiatry. We strictly believe in providing care that is tailored to each individual because no two peoples' recoveries are alike. Our objective is to ensure that you feel comfortable and secure in expressing your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where you can be heard, understood, and respected.


What is Evidence-Based Medicine?

Mindframe Psychiatry uses evidence-based medicine which involves the use of proven treatments, such as psychotherapy and medication management, based on a thorough understanding of the patient's condition and symptoms. This approach helps ensure that patients receive the most effective and appropriate treatment for their mental health needs. It also involves continuous evaluation of treatment outcomes and adjusting treatment plans accordingly, to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care.

Midframe's Services

If you are in the Boulder, Colorado area and are seeking mental health services, Mindframe Psychiatry is the best choice. We offer a variety of outpatient psychiatry services with numerous treatment plans to meet your needs. Our services include:

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In-Person and Remote Appointments

Mindframe Psychiatry understands that seeking treatment can be a challenging experience, especially if you have to balance it with other commitments. We acknowledge that coming back for additional appointments can be difficult and may add to the stress you are already feeling. To alleviate some of that stress, we have implemented a more flexible approach to our services.

In addition to offering in-person appointments, we also offer virtual sessions to patients living in Boulder, CO. Our telepath appointments allow you to access our services from the comfort of your own home or office, which can help reduce the stress and inconvenience of traveling to and from appointments. We promise that each one of our services will have the same high-quality care and expertise whether virtual or in-person.

About Us

At Mindframe Psychiatry, we are dedicated to delivering compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients in Boulder, CO. Our evidence-based psychiatry services aim to help patients improve by offering a safe and comfortable environment. We take pride in fostering a collaborative relationship with our patients to ensure the highest quality of care every day.

Outpatient psychiatric treatment has never been more accessible than with Mindframe Psychiatry! When you schedule an appointment with Boulder, Colorado's best psychiatric doctors you’ll receive personalized care that is adaptive and affordable. Don’t let your condition define you, let Mindframe Psychiatry help and support you today!

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